where can you watch extreme e racing

Where Can You Watch Extreme E Racing? (2023)

The 2023 season is coming. Where Can you Watch Extreme E Racing?

Extreme E has announced that FOX Sports has signed a multi-year extension deal to continue to screen the Championship live on FS1, FS2, FOX Sports Racing, and FOX Sports digital platforms in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean in 2023 and 2024. The electric SUV off-road racing series, which races in extreme environments affected by climate change and raises awareness about environmental issues, has already gained popularity in just two seasons of racing. The deal ensures that millions of viewers in North America and the Caribbean will have access to live coverage of Extreme E as it enters its third season. Season 3 of Extreme E’s global racing voyage will begin on March 11-12, 2023 in Saudi Arabia. Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E, said that the extension is a major commitment by a sports broadcasting powerhouse and underlines the increasing popularity of the championship’s thrilling on-track spectacle and the human stories behind the racing. According to Frank Wilson, FOX Sports VP Production, Extreme E is an innovative series with an impactful mission that not only delivers competitive racing across a wide variety of courses, but also drives conversation about broader topics impacting communities around the world.

where can you watch extreme e racing
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Where can you watch Extreme E racing in Brazil?

This news comes after Extreme E announced their broadcast extension with Globo which will allow Brazilians to access the racing series from their own homes.

Sportv, a sport pay-TV channel owned by Globo, has signed a multi-year extension deal with Extreme E to air live racing and extended content in Portuguese. The agreement covers the 2023 and 2024 seasons of Extreme E, an electric SUV off-road racing series that races in extreme environments affected by climate change and raises awareness about environmental issues. The deal allows Sportv to air highlights programs, magazines, preview, and review shows, as well as round-ups on TV Globo’s Sunday sports news program, “Esporte Espetacular.” Globo reaches over 100 million people per day in Brazil and is home to some of the best-known sporting events, including the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Brazil is a key market for Extreme E, and although the series has not yet been able to race there due to COVID-19 restrictions, an independent Scientific Committee composed of climate experts, including Brazilian Amazon expert Francisco Oliveira, works with Extreme E to advise and educate on environmental issues facing the region. In addition, Extreme E’s legacy organizers work with The Nature Conservancys Forest Restoration program in ParĂ¡, in the heart of the Amazon, to maintain a cacao-based agroforestry program that supports local smallholders’ income through sustainable farming.

In the Amazon region of Brazil, agroforestry systems that incorporate cacao plants have been implemented as a way to support sustainable farming practices and income generation for smallholder farmers while also conserving the forest ecosystem. Cacao trees are often grown alongside other crops, such as fruit trees, in a way that mimics the structure and functions of a natural forest. This type of agroforestry system can provide a number of environmental benefits, such as sequestering carbon and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as providing habitat for wildlife.

The Nature Conservancy’s Forest Restoration program in ParĂ¡, Brazil is an example of an initiative that supports cacao-based agroforestry in the Amazon region. The program works with local smallholder farmers to maintain over 200 hectares of cacao-based agroforestry, which helps support the farmers’ income and promotes sustainable farming practices in the region.

If you don’t have access to Extreme E on TV, you can also stay up-to-date on races on the Extreme E Youtube Channel. If you remember, the inaugural X Prix in the Extreme E electric vehicle racing series resulted in a total global viewership of 18.7 million. There’s no telling what the future holds.

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